Alpha Board - peer to peer advisory board

Personalized assistance in progressing projects, business opportunities and/or overcoming challenges through Alpha Board masterminds. During these sessions, fellow members and business leaders combine their collective wisdom and experience to brainstorm strategies and solutions, and drive their businesses forward.
Members leave these monthly meetings with clear strategies mapped out, and step-by-step implementation plans tailored to their own unique business requirements.
The most accomplished business leaders exchange information and ideas all the time. They successfully network to make deals, and build business relationships which last forever. They work together to establish new ways of doing business, they work with and listen to other leaders outside their companies to accelerate growth. Simply put, CEO & business leaders provide value to one another that they can’t find elsewhere.

20/20 vision Advantage

When it comes to broadening views, and expanding peripheral vision, Peers can bring this out in a manner that is difficult to access elsewhere. Because we are all players in a complex system, the action of one person, one company, or one industry tend to create ripple effects across the entire system. But when you call upon Peers from outside your industry sector to help you better understand the specifics of what is happening in their worlds, you can easily evaluate the system and then assess what that means to you.
This is how Peer advantage provides them with a vision advantage, which not only allows them to prepare for the future but, more importantly, shape it.Type your paragraph here.


Membership of an Alpha Group is exclusive; each group is limited to just twenty members, and there is a strict ‘no-competition’ policy. No two members operate in the same business sector, ensuring there is no rivalry within the group.
Membership gives business owners and senior decision-makers regular access to their own external ‘board of advisors’ dedicated to assisting them to fulfill their commercial ambitions, plus access to online resources, and a global network of contacts.
Typically members are the SME’s business owners, managing directors or other leadership role, organisations with a minimum of 10 Crores - 80 Crores annual turnover. The ground rules are openness, honesty, respect, listening and confidentiality; all members sign a confidentiality agreement emphasising its importance.​

G.O.L.D Coaching (optional)

Members are not alone! Members can take advantage of a monthly one-to-one coaching/mentoring session with a highly experienced coach. Here, members celebrate successes, examine opportunities or air concerns. The focus is on developing strategy and tactics together.

Over the past 10 years, The Alpha GOLD™ strategic process has been used to create many successful, profitable business. Members have become highly motivated, focused and confident in achieving business and personal goals.

Benefits of a Peer to Peer Executive Board for Entrepreneurs

  • Double business every 2 to 3 years
  • Brainstorm strategies and sharpen your focus for long-term benefits.
  • Tackle hairy current issues with advice from experienced, like-minded business leaders.
  • Learn new techniques and skills for creative problem-solving leading to a broader perspective.
  • Open your eyes to new alternative management methods.
  • Discover that your issues need not be faced alone and decisions are fully investigated.
  • Revel in your new board of advisors who will become friends and mentors but most importantly, they will hold you accountable.
  • Accept the help you can get to make decisions necessary to lead your business to where you want it.
  • Thrive on renewed optimism and motivation
  • Keep on learning, giving and growingType your paragraph here.

What is the value of a peer to peer advisory board?

  • The ability to see in the blind spots. We all have blind spots, but what is interesting we don’t always see them. Peer boards add a structure and outside perspective to help you see your own blind spots.
  • The board holds people accountable and this pushes people to have the framework for improvement. We meet with our members monthly, sometimes more if required. Looking back over a year, you can see significant progress you wouldn’t see otherwise.
  • If you think about exercise and working with a personal trainer – you have goals, structure, and a customized plan. They point you in the direction with one on one attention. This type of personal attention becomes very costly and maybe redundant after you have laid out your workout schedule. You can check in with them once in a while, but you don’t need them down the road, as much. It is tough to do it on your own, BUT if you exercise with a group, they are your support group. The people who hold you accountable. Those are the people that are there for you, your confidants. THIS is what the peer advisory board provides in business; the support group! I find that if I surround myself with people who will do it with me, that’s my support group. Those are the people who can encourage, who can shove. They’re there and they become close friends and confidants.