Founder & Chief Executive Coach

  • 23+ years of work experience with roles at leadership levels,  last assignment as Vice President – Learning Solutions, with Berkeley HealthEDU.
  • Unique distinction of working with large MNC’s and start-ups.
  • Domain Expertise : Healthcare, Med-tech, Training
  • Masters in Microbiology, Post Graduation in Marketing Management, ICF Certified Executive Coach & Regional Director, The Alpha Group, G.O.L.D. Coach
  • Specialties: Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Executive Coaching, Business Development, Out-of-the-box-thinking.

we believe in a unique and customised experience for each and every client.

What is Equipoise?

It is the process of attaining balance with the creation. Just as the purpose of a flower bud is to become a flower, the purpose of an individual is to discover his/her essence. The focus is always on the destination though. Equipoise is the process of being alert to the process, it’s not a destination it’s a journey. The fundamental of the process is to believe, imagine and know that, that which is yet to manifest in physical reality, already exists in essence and in the creation. Equipoise helps you connect to the creation, by attaining balance.

The life processes are meant to be always in a state of balance. This balance sometimes gets lopsided and creates a sense of imbalance that brings with it a sense of anxiety, fear, uncertainty and various emotions and that hamper progress. At Equipoise we help you acquire that state of Balance: Equipoise Point. This passion to keep things in a state of equipoise makes us aware and alert to minute changes that happen around us.

Playing the role of a neutral observer, an Equipoise coach becomes your co-traveler in attaining your own Equipoise Point. With the assistance of intuitive techniques the coach accesses from various planes of mind, matter, soul and supreme consciousness and helps you become one with the creation.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

Coach Makarand


I often get asked, Why Coaching? And my answer has always been, that is who I am, it was what I was meant to be.

It might sound like a cliché, though I believe I was born to be a coach. 

Let me explain…..

After a successful career in Sales, Marketing and Business Management in marquee organisations. Being part of a start-up (way before the word become crazily popular) and assimilating experiences across the world, What would prompt someone to give it all up (well that's how the world sees it, not me) and become a coach?
I did a life transformation program in 2007 and a realisation dawned that I am the possibility of Space - a space in which people are free to be themselves. That ignited a dream, to spread this possibility, still the word coach wasn’t anywhere in my vocabulary.
Probably the roots of that possibility took shape in 1987-88, when Illusions and Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, the masterpieces written by Richard Bach,  books given to me by my elder brother when I was in school (now that was almost 30 years back) landed in my world.  These books told me to be proud of who I am, a stutterer who couldn't speak a full sentence without being mortified (stories stuck in the throat) I became a boy who people of various ages took solace in sharing their stories and seeking counsel. Little did I know then, it was the key for me choosing to "BE A COACH".

So here I am being a possibility of space for you to become who you are meant to be.

Feel absolutely free to reach out to me and allow me the privilege to help you reach your true potential.

There is just one caveat though, Ask yourself "ARE YOU WILLING?" if the answer is yes, I am waiting for you. ​ur paragraph here.