Executive Coaching

The modern work environment is getting extremely treacherous and the demands on the executives are monumental. Dealing with the stress and staying the course is often challenging.

Executive coaching can help you navigate this corporate labyrinth and create a focused and objective approach

Typical Coaching Design - 10, 1 Hour sessions via Skype/ Telephone/Face to Face

CLIENT Appreciation

Group Coaching & Facilitation

Be it a sales team or managerial team, group coaching is an effective means to drive behavioural change that can impact not just the individual, the team but the entire organisation.

We work with you to identify the current challenge and design the coaching that is most suitable to your needs.

Typical Program Design - 2-3 Day Workshop followed by group/individual coaching calls

Sales Consulting

Sales is an organisation's engine and is expected to work in top order all the time. Sales teams have to deal with the competitive landscape and follow sales processes that can produce consistent results.

We work with the business leader and sales teams to design sales strategies and structures that will enable sales excellence.

Typical Program Design - Project Based Duration